Facilities Management Degree

A Guide on the Facilities Management Degree

Not a lot of people know what a facilities management degree is and how it can help you establish a good career. What is this degree, exactly? Facility management is all about making sure that structures and facilities are well taken care of. It’s a day to day task of maintaining and upgrading of existing facilities. Basically, a facility management degree can help you handle the life cycle of a structure.

Facilites Management Graduates From These Universities Get Better Job Opportunities

facility management degree

Ashford University - B.A - Operations Management & Analysis, M.A in Organizational Management - Supply Chain Management & M.B.A - Project Management .
Ashford University is an active community university that provides effective learning on campus & online. Their Operations Management degrees are infused with the goal for academic excellence.

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degree in facilities management

Capella University - M.B.A - Global Operations & Supply Chain Management, D.B.A - Global Operations & Supply Chain Management & B.S in Information Technology - Project Management.

Capella University is one of the top universities for online & on campus education. Capella provides a diverse learning community which is highly beneficial for their management students.

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facilities management degree

American InterContinental University - B.B.A - Operations Management & M.B.A - Operations Management.
American Intercontinental University is America's #1 straightforward school and you can expect to maximize your Operations Management degree course education from Day 1. AIU also provide options for accelerated or part-time degrees.

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facilities management degree programs

DeVry University - B.B.A - Operations Management & B.B.A - Project Management .

DeVry University has been in the education field for over 80 years. DeVry provides their students an education that will prepare them for real-world challenges and guiding them along the way. They also provide a flexible schedule for students as well as financial aid.

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Objectives of a Facilities Management Degree

A university or college offering a facility management degree aims to achieve the following:

  • Teach the students regarding design and construction.
  • Train the students when it comes to making estimates, plans and schedules.
  • Teach students on effective and efficient management of projects, ensuring quality and measuring results.
  • Help the students become proficient with numbers, data and statistics for finance and accounting purposes.
  • Train students to become leaders.
  • Meet the demand of the industry for effective and efficient facility managers.

Modules Covered in a Facilities Management Degree Program

It’s good to know that being an undergraduate program, there’s really no prerequisite in order to be accepted for this degree program. You don’t even need to have a background on facility management. You just need to have a high school diploma or something equivalent to it. If you enroll for a facilities management degree, you are expected to study these subjects or something related to them:

  • Basics of facilities management
  • Real estate
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Strategic planning
  • Economics
  • Computer applications
  • Project management
  • Laws related to facilities and real estate
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration
  • General subjects like math, science, social sciences and the likes

Facility Management Salary

facilities management degreeOne of the reasons why more and more people are taking up a facilities management degree is the fact that the salary is very competitive. In a report released by the International Facility Management Association last 2011 regarding the salary and demographics of the industry, the annual median salary of a facility manager is $86,000.

Common Tasks of a Facility Manager

Once hired as a facility manager, you are expected to do the following things:

  • Stay up to date with the latest in building technology.
  • Replace and/or upgrade outdated facilities and infrastructures.
  • Study energy efficient and sustainable options for the facility and make the move to set up an energy efficient and sustainable facility if plausible.
  • Maintain existing facilities to make sure that everything is working perfectly.

Popular Career Options with a Degree in Facilities Management

For a graduate of a facilities management degree, it’s good to know that this degree presents you with several career options. It’s because several industries like real estate, banking, investments, and even the government agencies have demands for graduates with a facility management degree. Here are some popular career options:

  • Project manager
  • Facility planner
  • Interior designer
  • Safety supervisor
  • Public works official
  • Operations manager
  • Real estate administrator
  • Field supervisor
  • Facility director
  • Building and systems analyst
  • Director of building technologies

As a holder of a facility management degree, you’ll be qualified for most of these jobs. In order to explore more career options, you can get a Master of Science in Facilities Management Degree.


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