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Top Hotel and Restaurant Management Schools To Go To

The Hotel and Restaurant Management program focuses mainly on the business aspects in the hotel and restaurant industry, including human resources, finance, marketing and administration. Those who will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree could get a career in hotels and restaurants, while those who have graduated with a Master’s degree can land a management job in big hotels with the wide variety of corporate level hospitality management opportunities. You might be thinking of getting a career in this industry, so here is a list of some of the best hotel and restaurant management schools in the US.

Hospitality Management Graduates From These Universities Get Better Job Opportunities

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Saint Leo University Online - B.A - International Hospitality & Tourism Management & B.A - Human Resources.

Saint Leo University helps their Hospitality Management students establish the necessary foundation to continue their education to become successful in the hospitality industry. Their Hospitality Management degree programs also help students build leadership skills.

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Kaplan University - A.A.S.B.A - Food & Hotel Management, A.A.S.B.A - Event Planning & B.S in Business Administration - Human Resource Management.

Kaplan University is one of our highly recommended universities for students interested in becoming successful in the hospitality industry. Kaplan University provide exclusive Hospitality Management degree programs dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and post graduates.

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Ashford University - B.A in Service Management - Restaurant Enterprise Management, B.A in Service Management - Hospitality Enterprise & B.A in Organizational Management - Business Administration.

Ashford University is an active community that provides effective learning offline & online. Their Hospitality Management degrees are infused with the goal for academic & career excellence.

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DeVry University - B.B.A - Hospitality Management & Graduate Certificate - Human Resource Management.

DeVry University has been in the education field for over 80 years. DeVry provides their Hospitality Management students an education that will prepare them for real-world challenges and guiding them along the way. DeVry University also provide a flexible schedule for students as well as financial aid.

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Other Recommended Restaurant and Hotel Management Schools :-

Michigan State University in East Lansing

The Michigan State University in East Lansing offers the hotel and restaurant management course through its School of Hospitality Business which was founded in the year 1927, making it one of the oldest restaurant management schools. The degree programs that MSU offers are the Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business as well as the Master’s Degree in Hospitality Business Management and Food service Business Management. They are also one of the hotel and restaurant management colleges in the US that offer an MBA in the hospitality business.

Cornell University in Ithaca

top hotel and restaurant management schools for 2013The Cornell University in Ithaca, New York is among the first universities in the US that offered hotel management courses. The program was founded in the year 1922, and in 2010 and 2011, Cornell University was included in the list of the best national universities in the country. So if you are thinking of enrolling at one of the best hotel and restaurant management schools, then Cornell University in Ithaca is one of the best choices. They offer Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as Doctorate Degrees in Hotel Administration programs.

Bircham International University

The Bircham International University is also one of the hotel and restaurant management schools that offer online courses for a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. It is designed for postgraduate level students and each subject comprises of three credits. Some of the programs that the Bircham offer for their three credit courses are:

  • Bar & Beverage Management
  • Catering & Restaurant Business
  • Food Production & Services
  • Menu Planning & Management

Although there are several hotel and restaurant management schools that offer their programs online these days, it is still a good idea to enroll at an actual university where you can mingle with other students and interact with a real teacher. But if you think that enrolling for an online course is more convenient for you because of your busy schedule, then go ahead and do so. Just make sure that you choose to enroll at a reputable online school for your hotel management course.


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