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Getting a college education these days requires a lot of sacrifice and money. It is therefore advisable for you to choose wisely which course or program to take up. Spending significant amount of time in researching about the course or program and possible career path beforehand will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Courses that are showing potential and proving to be in-demand nowadays are retail management degree programs.

Retail Management Graduates From These Universities Get Better Job Opportunities

retail management degree

Kaplan University - A.S in Business Administration - Retail ManagementB.S in Business Administration - Sales Management.
Kaplan University is one of our top Retail Management universities. They provide exclusive Retail Management degree programs dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and post graduates. Kaplan provides intensive and comprehensive education both onsite and online to excel their students in academic achievement.

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retail management degree program

Ashford University - B.A - Mass Market Enterprise Retail Management.
Ashford University is an active community university that provides effective learning offline & online. Their Retail Management degrees are infused with the goal for academic & career excellence.

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retail and sales management degree

Capella University - B.S in Retail Management.
Capella University is one of the top universities for online education. Capella provides a diverse learning community which is vital for their Retail Management Degree students.

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Strayer University - B.B.A - Retail Management Concentration.
Strayer University has been helping their Retail Management students by providing them: Affordability, Convenience, Quality & Support. Strayer also provides financial aid to students.

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Overview of a Retail Management Degree

Retail management is a specialization course under the Bachelor of Science in Business offered by most schools. They are commonly under the undergraduate studies department of most universities. Retail management is the part of the business process that tackles the complexities of doing business on the retail level. This pertains to the stage where goods or services are delivered to the end user. Retail management degree programs, on the other hand, are courses or series of courses that tackle these complexities.

The program may be a standalone or incorporated with a wider program like the one that gives a fashion and retail management degree. It can also be a prerequisite for a more specialized course like the supply chain management degree offered by some universities. The program is focused in providing students like you to have a strong foundation in general business disciplines. Other areas that the courses tackle include marketing, management, human resources, finance and organizational communications.

General Requirements for a Retail Management Degree

There are several pre-qualifying requirements to apply for retail management degree programs. Standard requirements include a grade of 6.5 for IELTS for non-native speakers and grade requirements for courses in English and Math.

Retail management degree programs typically require several credits in general education subjects and specialization courses. Core courses commonly tackle fundamentals of several areas of disciplines which may include supply chain management, business law, marketing and sales, accounting and many others.

Specialization courses, on the other hand, focus on brand building, pricing management, retailing analytical tools, ethics and enterprise and several others. Other elective courses and training may also be offered depending on the school or university.

retail management degreeProgram Overview of a Retail Management Degree

Retail management degree programs usually consist of optional and compulsory modules which are required for you to earn credits to get a degree. Commonly, 120 credits are offered per level where modules amount to 15 credits each.

Level 1 usually is compulsory. This part teaches the fundamentals for you to develop knowledge and retail-specific management skills. This level also teaches the fundamentals of management, business communication skills and many others.

Level 2 and 3 includes combinations of modules which are also most of the time compulsory though other optional modules are also offered. This part deals with the business strategy, consumer behavior, managing retail locations, retail buying and several others. Optional modules typically include marketing, finance, international trade and entrepreneurship.

Career Opportunities with a Retail Management Degree

There is significant demand for retail management graduates. Graduates usually go into banking, consulting and accounting firms. Graduates of this degree are highly employable across a wide range of organizations. They are not only limited to the retail industry.

Are You Getting A Retail Management Degree?

Getting retail management degrees nowadays is easy. They are normally offered online. Retail management degree online courses usually have the same curriculum but with the added advantage of completing the course at home.


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