Top Sports Management Colleges

Four of the Recommended Sports Management Colleges in the US

The Sports Management Degree programs are being offered by various colleges and universities across the United States. If you are interested to enroll for this program, then it is important that you are aware of the top sports management colleges. These schools that offer sports management are considered the best when it comes to offering foundational courses to students who are keen to get a career in sports management.

Sports Management Graduates From These Universities Get Better Job Opportunities

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Ashford University - B.A in Sports & Recreation Management.
Ashford University is one of the top universities that provides effective on campus & online Sports Management degrees. Their Sports Management Degrees are infused with the goal for career excellence.

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Post University - B.S in Sports Management.
Post University is one of the top universities providing Sports Management Degrees. Post University offers an exciting & challenging education environment for their students to not only be specialized in sports management but also learn about the careers that lies ahead with this prestigious degree.

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Grand Canyon University - B.S in Sports Management.
Grand Canyon University is a premier private university and GCU has been helping their students to achieve their potential by landing them the career of their dreams. GCU also encourages students to apply Christian values & ethic in their workplace.

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Lasell College - M.S in Sports Management - Sport Hospitality ManagementM.S in Sports Management - Sport Leadership.
Lasell College is a comprehensive coeducational college offering professional Sports Management Masters degree programs. Lasell helps you connect between classroom lessons & real life hands-on activities like internships & projects.

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More Sports Management Schools To Choose From :-

Ohio State University

Ohio State University is on the list of the best sports management schools all over the United States. They offer both Master’s and Doctoral degrees for Sports Management and the Ohio State Sport and Exercise Management graduate programs that they offer are considered as among the best, making them one of the top colleges for sports management.

Florida International University

sports management colleges for 2013The Florida International University is also included on the list of the top sports management colleges all over the United States. The school offers the Sports Management program for the Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree as well as Doctorate. FIU offers Recreation and Sports Management courses that prepare students for a career in the sport or recreational therapy and in the parks and other recreational facilities as well, making FIU second on this list of the top sports management colleges all over the United States.

Sports Management Worldwide

If you want a school that focuses mainly on sports management as well as other related fields, then you should choose to enroll at the Sports Management Worldwide. Considered as the world leader in sports education, the Sports Management Worldwide offers all types of sports training programs that help students to prepare for a sports-related career. Since sports are their main focus, they are considered as one of the best sports management universities to be at if you’re planning a career in the sports industry.  They offer Sports Management programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate. The sports industry has dramatically grown in the past decade and experts believe that this will continue to expand in the years to come. Earning a degree in Sports Management can help you land a job in sports marketing and promotion, academic student services, sports information and many more. Because of the increasing demand for these jobs, you will now find several schools in the US that offer a sports management program. In fact, there are several other schools that are considered as the top sports management colleges, but the three schools mentioned above are on the lead.


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